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The whole point for starting this company was to bring about a means to create an online presence, whether through a basic website, a business web portal, an online storefront. It could be a simple as a means of doing a mundane task or chore, tracking of business expenses such as mileage, gas, financial expenses, or doing project management, document control or material/inventory on the road on a mobile device.

With that goal in mind we set out to create a company, with strategic partnerships that can help people of all walks of life, to get online and to start realizing their dreams. You may have a great idea for a storefront, but don;t know what to, or how to go about it, we can help. You may have a great idea for a mobile app, but have no idea how you would go about making that happen. We can help. Perhpas, you simply want to get your existing business more exposure and an online presence, we can certainly help.


  • Website Re-Launch
    September 2013

    Hockey Assistant Website

    The website will be ready to launch just in time for the Fall hockey season to kick off. Early registration for the site should be ready in advance, so go to the site and watch for updates.

  • Website Launch
    October 2013

    TrackerZ Suite Website

    The first of the tracker suite will be ready to launch, come by to see which one it will be. Click here to find out.

Why Us

Raising The Standards

Hudlin Global Media went above and beyond and proved theiworth and more. They were easily worth every penny.

Sarah White - ProWeb, Inc.

Steps For The Future

We have expansion plans for our web presence and Hudlin Global Media will play a lead role in that expansion. I don't think we would feel comfortable without their expertise and guidance.

John Black - Barnes, Smith & Co.

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